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Chicken and the Farm



It's all about the wings and it has been from day one! Did y'all know the farm was started because of chicken wings? Yep, in this story the chicken came before  In 2018 the name Chicken and the Farm came to mind and the owners, Lyndsey and Brett were off to the races or shall we say the coop.  The idea was start with the chickens and then bring in the whole gang... the pigs, the cows, the fresh vegetables and make a delicious menu filled with #farmfoodforhumans!  What started with a 10x10 booth and living dangerously with a couple of top fryers for a small one-day festival turned into in a 10x30 booth with over 30 items on the menu and 20 flavors for the chicken and cauliflower. Our now industrial deep fat fryers (thank goodness) cook over 300 pounds of chicken and we serve our eats at some of the largest festivals in the California Bay Area like PRIDE San Francisco with over a million attendees!

Next up for the Farm is a brick and mortar that we cannot wait to find and start growing within our local community. Can y'all imagine how great that's going to be?! We had no idea we would be so loved so thank you Farmers we love you right back! And now after 2 long years Chicken and the Farm is back and we could not be more excited to see our Farm family and share the new menu items along with servin' up Farm favorites like our Dirty Bird wings, loaded fries like the Ol' Bessie and Dirty Piggy as well as the healthier options like our Barnyard Bowls! We have our location lineup listed so be sure you check out the Find the Farm tabWe are at a different festival every weekend starting in March and going until late October.  Oh yea, and speaking of checking things out shhhhh, there's going to be a secret menu on Instagram but don't say we were the ones that told you! The "merch" tab is coming soon also which will be a fun new edition so you can be as drippy as our chicken too!


The guy who fry's 

Brett fries over 300 pounds of chicken in a weekend and that's not counting all the other items he drops down into the fryer. With the help of his wife, Lyndsey, every detail is thought out from the quirky names on the menu to the perfect flavors being concocted and truly what matters most, the perfect crisp to those delicious wings. He is very passionate about serving food that not only tastes great but visually is just as satisfying. If you've ever chatted with him while waiting for your order you already know this about him.  He loves meeting our customers so don't hesitate to wave a wing at him and give props to the Chef!

 He does a lot more than just cook when he's on the Farm y'all just don't get to see that part. 

The owner's of the Farm 

The one's who started it all! A fun fact to know about the Farm is that this whole wing thing started because Lyndsey loved a particular flavor chicken wing from a restaurant that had closed its doors.  She never stopped thinking about how much she loved those wings until she met Brett, found out he loved to cook and decided to see if he was up for the challenge in making them. Well, he did, and he made them even better!  Growing up people always told Brett how amazing his cooking was followed by "you should open a restaurant" but he never pursued his passion. That is until Lyndsey came along of course and one day while driving together looked over at Brett and said "Chicken and the Farm!" and it just felt right. They came up with 6 flavors for wings, signed up for a few festivals and the Farm was born!  

The Farm Team

The Farm has grown quite a bit since we first hatched in 2018. Originally, we were a tiny team of 3! Brett cooked, Lyndsey sauced and Atash, Lyndsey's best friend took all the orders.  When we started to grow, we knew we were going to have to beef up the roster. We have had some great employees that truly made things all come together for us. From a culinary trained chef to some serious good vibes only kind of people we are so lucky to have them all on the Farm! They are always going the extra mile with smiling faces even when it's hotter than a burning haystack outside! Not to forget all while in that little 10-foot by 20-foot space! It's seriously impressive the amount of food they crank out for all the hungry farmers in that tiny kitchen. We are so appreciative of our team and all they do.